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We find ourselves in a critical battle for our democracy right here in Durham Region, and your support is crucial. We need your help to shed light on a concerning misappropriation of taxpayer dollars and a troubling lack of transparency.

Here's how you can make a difference:

Contact the Premier's Office (Doug Ford):
Call (416) 325-1941 and express your concerns in detail.
Your calls will emphasize the urgency of our situation, prompting his office to take action.

Contact Media Outlets:

Global News
Call (604) 422-6494
Call (416) 446-5460

CityNews on Citytv
Call (416) 599-2489 (CITY)

CityNews 680
Call (416) 413-3930
Twitter: @CityNewsTO
Facebook: @CityNewsTO
Instagram: @CityNewsTO

Call (416) 205-3700​

Let's unite as a community to protect our democracy and ensure transparency in Durham Region. Your involvement can make all the difference!

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