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  • What is a Low Barrier Shelter?
    A Low Barrier Shelter is a type of temporary housing facility that provides basic shelter and services to individuals experiencing homelessness, with minimal entry requirements or restrictions.
  • What makes a Low Barrier Shelter different from other shelters?
    Unlike traditional shelters, low barrier shelters have fewer entry requirements and restrictions. They generally have relaxed rules regarding sobriety, mental health conditions, or previous criminal records, making them more accessible to individuals who may not meet the criteria for other shelters.
  • Are Low Barrier Shelters safe?
    Safety is a crucial consideration in low barrier shelters. While efforts are made to maintain a safe environment, it's important to note that the open nature of these shelters result in a higher incidents. There have been 11,677 violent incidents between March 2016 and mid-February 2021.
  • Give that some of the Low Barrier Shelters users might be experiencing addiction issues, where might they engage in drug use?
    Drug users may engage in drug use in various locations, depending on their circumstances. Some common places where drug use can occur include abandoned buildings, parks, alleys, shelters, public washrooms, neighbouring businesses and secluded areas.
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