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I regret voting in favour of the purchase of this property without a thorough plan for the property and without some kind of proper consultation...
Walter Schummer, Brock Township Mayor. October 10, 2023

True leaders admit their mistakes, learn from their mistakes, and evolve so that the same mistakes are not repeated. Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr.

Take Action Now

Take Action Now

Contact the Premier's Office (Doug Ford):
Call (416) 325-1941 and express your concerns in detail. Your calls will emphasize the urgency of our situation, prompting his office to take action.

Get Media Outlets involved.
Link below for more details.

Get Involved

It is VERY IMPORTANT to contact your representatives about your concerns surrounding the proposed "Low Barrier" Experimental Shelter in residential neighborhood.

Contact Your Representatives
Petition Site


Transparency matters: Sign the petition for open and accountable government. Our petition has officially crossed 2,900 signatures and counting! Let's keep the momentum going and aim for even greater impact together!

A new second petition to bring seniors back home is also gaining momentum. Join the movement below.

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